Manju Devi First woman Coolie in North West Railway

Manju Devi First women Coolie in North West Railway

Life of first woman coolie in North West railway’s with Porter no 15

Manju Devi porter no 15

Manju Devi a mother of three children who lost her husband Ten years ago and the only person who can get Bread and Butter to her family. Devi took the task of hauling the luggage of the passengers in Jaipur railway station with his husband porter licence no 15 to fulfill her family needs.At her initial stages Railway authorities said that there were no woman porters and she will face difficulty for working alone, she started working as Coolie since 2013 at Jaipur railway station. At this time her mother boosted her confidence as she is the only person to take care of her family.After getting her husband Mahadev’s portel licence no 15 Manju Devi was the first woman porter(Coolie) of North Western Railways.Though the profession was a male dominate Devi has taken over the task of hauling luggage for the passengers.She designed her own dress for her daily work place as there she is the first women person to start a carrier of coolie with Red Kurta and white Salwar. She use to works for multiple shifts to take care of her children food and Education.

Family of Manju Devi porter no 15

Manju Devi was among 112 woman achieved there milestones in there respective fields by Ministry of woman and child development beside former Miss India Aishwarya Rai,Anshu Jamsenpa,Rajani Pandit.
In a statment ” I Weighted 30 kgs and hte passengers luggage was also 30 kgs but it was nowwhere to the burden of feeding three children”.
She also said that the railway authorities initially traine her for 6 months which helped her in getting on this job. President Ramnath Kovind at Rashtrapati Bhavan after lisining to her story “I never get so emotional easily but after hearing the story of our daughter Manju,i have become”. This ceremony witnessed a gathering of Ninty Pioneering women from different Fields.


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