Ananthatgiri Hills Telangana

Ananthatgiri Hills Telangana

Ananthagiri Hills Vikarabad

Ananthagiri Hills

Ananthagiri Hills is located at Vikarabad District, Telangana, India. This is considered as one of the dense forest in Telangana region. The Hills are the primary source of water for Osmansagar and Himayatsagar. Ananthagiri Hills is the birth place for Musi river which streams over the Hyderabad it travels almost 240 KM and joins Krishna river at Nalgonda District.

Anantha Padmanabaswami temple vikarabad

Lord Vishnu’s Anantha Padmanabha swami temple is located in this dense forest. It is also considered one of the earliest human habitat areas in South India. Ancient caves, medieval fort like structures and ancient temple shows the history of the area. It is a fruitful Red soil we can even observe a large portion of the Medicinal plants and all the more equally it is loaded with Helpful plants.

Ananthtgiri Hills Ooty of Telangana

Ananthagiri Hills is located at a distance of 90 KM from Hyderabad City became popular destination place for most of the people as it is easily driven for Weekends drives. A Day trip to this area gives you a chance to explore gorgeous water falls, Antiquated caves, Trekking trails, WildLife, River’s and Ancient Temples.If you are planning for a day stay you can get accommodate in Haritha Resort. A Cloudy day trip to Vikarabad  is simply unforgettable.

Ananthagiri hills

KotiPally reservoir

20 KM away from Ananthagiri Hills there is a reservoir  named Kotipally Reservoir which is know as masonry Dam. Which offers a standout view among the most places in Monsoon.


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